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Let's work together 
so you can work better.


Are you struggling with work and productivity related issues?

Are you not making the progress you feel you should be making?

Are you part of a team that is just not coming together?

Are you setting unrealistic goals?

Is your leadership being questioned?

Would you like to improve your communication and listening skills?

A work environment is a complex setting of overlapping, competing and subtle demands. Our challenge is to navigate these demands while not losing sight of what you need, what you want, and what you can offer.

These are the kinds of challenges that Integral Coaching is designed for. It is not therapy, or career counselling, or even mentoring. Rather, Integral Coaching works in tandem with you to build self-awareness, identify your goals, and then lay the groundwork to get you where you need to be.


Integral Coaching is a tested methodology that responds to the entirety of the person, their environment, their constraints, and their objectives. An Integral response to a problem or challenge is to first meet the person exactly where they are, work with who they are, and then explore attainable goals for where they want to go.


Integral Coaching begins by working through personal and developmental shifts to establish a solid foundation of self-awareness. Because Integral coaching aims for long-term results based on feasible achievements, it feels doable for the client. This results in richer and longer-lasting growth and a realistic progression towards solutions.

Originally based on Ken Wilber's integral theory, Integral Coaching has evolved worldwide as a powerful tool for awareness, change, communications, and self-fulfilment. Closer to home, Integral Coaching Canada offers "the most complete and the most comprehensive coaching program available.”


Diana Bronson's training and certification as an Integral Associate Coach, as well as her decades in the non-profit and paragovernmental sectors, might just make her the perfect coach for you. 

Forest Trees



A sociologist by training, I have worked and held management positions in the non-profit sector for over three decades.


Until 2019, I was Executive Director of a national membership-based advocacy organization (Food Secure Canada). Prior to that, I held pivotal positions in various organizations, was Director of Policy and Operations for Jack Layton on Parliament Hill, and spent several years in public broadcasting (CBC).

I deeply understand the urgencies and exigencies of the work environment, particularly in the non-profit sector with its ambitious goals for both social change and organizational resilience. 

My experience and expertise extends to issues of international human rights, the environment, and food systems. More broadly, I am keenly interested and knowledgeable in organizational development, feminism, social justice. My learning journey on racism and decolonization spans many decades. 

I have devoted a great deal of time thinking and learning about how to do this extremely demanding work in a way that is healthier, more mindful, and more sustainable. For this reason, I began my training with Integral Coaching Canada in 2019 and am now an accredited Associate Integral Coach.

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Photo: Rachel Cheng


I work with clients' individual situations and chosen topics to help them assess their own patterns, build skills and solutions, and identify developmental goals. Our work together is based on regular meetings and daily practices (online or in person if Montreal-based). 

My approach uses powerful metaphors in a framework based on integral theory to better understand challenges, obstacles and roadblocks. We will work together to increase capacity, spark engagement, and find fulfilment. 


I have experience working in the following sectors:​

  • Non-profit organizations and charities

  • Political and paragovernmental organizations

  • Community groups

  • Media

  • Service industry (restaurants)



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Let's talk!

Send me a line or two about your work situation and what you are looking for.


We can then schedule a free 45-minute call where we can discuss your experiences, needs and goals and see if we are a good fit.

Thank you.

I look forward to discussing! 

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